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Paratransit Yellow Cabs

assistance rampYellow Cab of Columbus owns ten state-of-the-art paratransit taxis. We are the only privately-held transportation company in Central Ohio offering this comfort-focused style of wheelchair-accessible vehicle.

The feedback on our paratransit cabs has been nothing short of ecstatic. For passenger guests in wheelchairs, accustomed to rear-loading van-style transport, Yellow Cab of Columbus’ paratransit vehicles are a new and dignified experience.

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Wheelchair passenger guests enter through the paratransit cab’s side and can ride in the front passenger position. Some of our guests have told us this is the first time they have had the experience of riding next to a driver. Up to four additional people can ride in the rear of our paratransit taxi. It’s a great option for families to easily ride together to dinner or an event – it feels more like a treat than a necessity!

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