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About Us


Morgan Kauffman

Yellow Cab of Columbus is a vehicle for hire service used by individuals and small groups of passengers for rides between locations of their choice.

Our focus is on strengthening our passenger guest service performance and the service we provide to our independently contracted driver partners.

Yellow Cab of Columbus was founded in 1928 by relatives Frank Kauffman and Max Glassman. Their community taxi service was started with money they earned selling produce at Columbus, Ohio’s iconic North Market. The company remains locally owned and operated by the third generation of the Kauffman family.

The landscape of personal transportation options and practices has evolved and Yellow Cab of Columbus is a committed participant in this exciting evolution.

We support our driver partners and take that responsibility seriously by providing them with safe, insured, reliable vehicles, marketing and operations support and a Dispatch Center Team serving their moment-by-moment needs 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our passenger guests benefit because their ride experience includes a well-maintained vehicle with multiple safety features including a three-camera monitoring system (dashboard, driver and passenger area), a driver monitoring system that immediately transmits any sudden or extreme driving behaviors to the Guest Service Dispatch Team, and persistent vehicle GPS monitoring. Our Guest Service Dispatch Team knows where every vehicle is at every moment and what it’s doing.

We recognize and embrace digital methods for making trip scheduling and payment easier and more efficient. We offer scheduling and payment through our Yellow Cab of Columbus App. Our cabs can also be scheduled through the Curb App. These apps allow our passenger guests to view the progress of their taxi to their location and allow for advance trip scheduling as well as immediate service requests.

Our promise is this: we strive to deliver professional, safe and reliable service to our passenger guests and driver partners. Each day, we are actively working to make taxi experiences positive and memorable. Your comments and suggestions are always encouraged and welcome.

Morgan Kauffman
CEO, Yellow Cab of Columbus

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