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Paris M. Miller

Paris M. Miller, Jr. has an impressive array of certifications and education related to transportation safety and technical / networking equipment. He proudly served in the United States Navy. His unique gift is in the way he leads safety management for Yellow Cab of Columbus.

Paris’s job requires that he help the shop team and driver partners understand and take responsibility for shop and fleet safety and safe conduct while on the road. This can only be accomplished with a steady personality and the ability to form productive relationships with team members and driver partners. Paris does this admirably.

As part of his responsibilities, he leads driver safety training; works with the shop team on shop safety; and manages the tracking and reporting of insurance claims. He works with the management team to define and implement safety policies and procedures improving overall safety for employees, driver partners and passenger guests.

You’ll find Paris working around the shop, consulting with the shop team and working with insurance companies on the rare occasions when these repairs are needed.

More often, you’ll find him working proactively with driver partners to reinforce and assist with safety training and best practices for building a safe, profitable taxi driving business. His willingness to listen and learn from driver partners helps to inform Yellow Cab’s training and safety practices.

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