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Yellow Fleet Service Team

10177304_10152350876996768_8506795802010639864_nThe people who clean and maintain our fleet of nearly 200 vehicles work in our large, open garage. We have our own painting station and car wash, execute our own detailing and safety checks each time a vehicle returns.

Our driver partners lease their vehicles for periods of days or weeks and are always presented with a vehicle that has been fully inspected and cleaned prior to exiting the shop.

Our Maintenance Team keeps on top of regularly scheduled inspections and we now are able to execute much of this at the shop rather than drivers having to take their vehicle elsewhere for inspection.

The vehicles we have are varied and the team is on top of the latest fuel-friendly options. They are finalizing the conversion of many of our Crown Victoria fleet to propane fuel and recently added Prius electrical vehicles to the fleet. In 2014, we added ten paratransit taxis that offer a unique, side-entry and front-seating option for wheelchair access guests.

With the range of vehicles and the regulatory and inspection standards they require, our driver partners are very happy that someone takes on the responsibility for maintaining vehicles and confirming compliance.

And, there’s no small technical feat involved in managing this fleet. Major contributors to our safety and reliability success are our in-vehicle monitoring and communications systems. These include three cameras (dashboard, driver and passenger compartment), vehicle performance monitor, dispatch communications, payment processor and GPS tracker. All of these digital tools are checked and maintained for everyone’s safety by our information technology team.

If you’d like to become a member of our Guest Service Dispatch Team, download our employment application »

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