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We consider this to be the number one benefit for our driver partners. When you Go Yellow, you will be driving vehicles that are well-maintained and road-ready. Our garage team checks every vehicle in and out of the fleet to assure it’s in its best condition for your use.

Our entire fleet of cars has three safety cameras installed. One monitors the road ahead of you, one shows activity in the passenger area and one shows the driver activity. In case of an accident or emergency, these cameras are critical.

Every Yellow Cab has an ‘emergency button.’ This button is used by you when you need urgent assistance. It alerts the customer service team and every manager that you have an emergency situation. Immediate, appropriate action is taken by the team (notifying police, fire, rescue) to assist you.

Our customer service / Guest Service Dispatch Team is actively working with you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You are never alone.

We equip our vehicles with credit card swipers to reduce the risk of robbery. Carrying less cash in your cab means lower risk. We understand accepting credit card payments means fees reduce fares, but credit card acceptance is now a requirement of the City of Columbus. For us, the main reason for choosing credit acceptance is to increase your own safety and peace of mind.

Driving a taxi allows you to earn as much as you’d like.

Our most committed driver partners who are on the road regularly and have built up a ‘book of business’ earn as much as many corporate senior managers.

If you want to make a good living from taxi driving, you can do it. We will help you with tips and additional training if you genuinely want to build your business.

We take care of all the hassles of driving a vehicle to earn a living. Our expert garage team manages all vehicle maintenance and cleaning. We stay on top of registrations and inspections for you.

Yellow Cab of Columbus takes care of insuring your vehicle and your passengers. Each vehicle and passenger is insured by Yellow Cab up to $500,000.00. The minimum required by the City of Columbus is $300,000.00.

The only insurance you are responsible for is your own as the driver/operator because you are a subcontractor. The company cannot insure you personally.

You choose how often you would like to drive once you take the vehicle from the garage. Of course, you will make more money if you are driving 8 hours a day but if you have obligations or a situation that prevents a ‘regular’ work schedule, you are not required to be on the road and you can drive any hours of the day or night you wish.

We use debit cards to provide credit card reimbursement to our driver partners. This means you will receive a debit card that we can fund ‘on demand’ so you are never without money you’ve earned. These debit cards are also automatically funded every 24 hours or so with the money you are owed from credit card or voucher fares collected by you.

You do not have to come into the garage to receive credit card payments owed to you though you will need to drop of vouchers so their totals can be added to your debit card.

The debit card does NOT require that you have a bank account. As soon as money is deposited into your debit card, you can use it for gas, to withdraw cash at an ATM* or for any payment of service where a debit card is accepted.

We want you to have your earnings quickly and to reduce your gas spent coming into the garage to manage your account.

*ATM withdrawals on Yellow Cab of Columbus debit cards are FREE at any Chase Bank ATM. If you choose to use an ATM other than Chase Bank, fees set by the bank or ATM company will apply.

Yellow Cab of Columbus advertises and purchases sponsorships to encourage people to choose Yellow Cab. Our marketing includes this website where Passenger Guests can order cabs online; our two smartphone apps that enable passengers to order a cab just like the rideshare services’ apps; and supports our efforts in social media and online advertising.

We believe in competition and welcome it because competition makes people work harder and better. We also feel a level playing field provides everyone a chance to compete fairly. When licensing and other issues involving the regulation of our services become an issue, we take the responsibility for obtaining legal and regulatory advice on behalf of our Driver Partners.

Most of our driver partners have been with Yellow Cab an average of five (5) years. Thirty (30) of our driver partners have been with us over 10 years and another forty (40) having been with us between five and ten years.

We’re glad there is more competition in the taxi business today because once you compare the benefits of driving a Yellow Cab, we win for safety, earnings and team support.

If you have questions, we have answers! Contact us today!

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