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Driver Partner Safety

We cannot stress enough that we consider your safety to be our number one priority and the number one benefit for our driver partners.

Driving solo, owning your own vehicle seems like an easy, less costly path until you begin adding up the maintenance, registration, inspection and safety equipment costs that make SAFELY driving a vehicle for hire possible.

When you Go Yellow, you drive a well-maintained and road-ready vehicle that has been checked by our garage team to ensure it is in best condition for your use.

Our entire fleet of vehicles has three safety cameras installed. One monitors the road ahead of you, one shows activity in the passenger area and one shows the driver activity. In case of an accident or emergency, these cameras are critical.

Every Yellow Cab has an ‘emergency button.’ If you have been injured, feel threatened, are having an emergency health issue or a passenger problem, this button allows you to signal the customer service / Guest Service Dispatch Team to request urgent assistance. The team hears a loud alert in the dispatch center, all Yellow Cab managers are also alerted, and action is taken immediately (notifying police, fire, rescue) to assist you.

Every vehicle is equipped with a driving activity monitor. This monitor instantly sends an alert back to the IT Fleet Support Team if the vehicle makes a sudden stop, hard or fast turn or other out-of-the-ordinary movement. Our first assumption is that there may have been an accident or near-miss and the Guest Service Dispatch Team or management will check immediately with the driver to confirm all is well.

Our Fleet Service Team is the shop and the Information Technology Team are always checking, updating and tracking vehicle mechanics, maintenance and systems. They confirm instpections have been met and work to replace parts before they become a serious problem.

Our passenger guests are not our only customers. YOU are our customer, too. Our customer service / Guest Service Dispatch Team is actively working with you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You are never alone.

Whether you are taking a credit card, Yellow Cab card or the passenger guest has paid in advance through the app, we provide a ‘cash-free’ way to accept fare payments. We equip our vehicles with credit card swipers to reduce the risk of robbery. Carrying less cash in your cab means lower risk.

City of Columbus regulations state you must accept credit card payments and we take on the responsibility for that system. We understand credit card payments involve fees we all have to pay, but, the main reason for choosing credit acceptance is your own safety and peace of mind.

Your safety is a top priority for us. Our belief is that you are an independent business owner but you are never alone when you Drive Yellow.

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