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How Yellow Works

Ready to Go Yellow? It’s easy.

Yellow Cab of Columbus respects and supports the City of Columbus regulations defined for our taxi services. We own the maximum number of medallions we are able to license on behalf of our Driver Partners and offer a few options for leasing these vehicles to our subcontracted Driver Partners.

You will need a good driving record and must pass a criminal background check that will go back 10 years. These background checks accompany your application for a taxi driver license from the State of Ohio. You must have this license. Licensing fees including the required physical cost approximately $100.00 total.

Once you’ve passed the driving record and background checks and have a taxi driver’s license, you must attend Yellow Cab Taxi University. You’ll learn how our dispatching system works, the regulations we are required to follow by the City of Columbus and State of Ohio, and you’ll learn how we treat our passenger guests in order to provide outstanding customer service.

Attendance at Yellow Cab Taxi University is a four-day commitment and does not guarantee you will be approved to lease and operate a Yellow Cab vehicle. You must complete all four days and our instructors will determine whether you understand the material covered and appear able to do business on behalf of Yellow Cab.

Once you’re a Yellow Cab driver partner, you can choose your lease plan. The most common plan is to lease a vehicle daily though other options are available. You can discuss this with our team leaders when you apply to confirm there is an option to operate that fits your needs.

Yellow Cab of Columbus takes care of the following FOR you. We provide:

• Clean, medallioned, inspected, well-maintained vehicles that are ready for the road when you come to the garage to pick-up for your shift.
• Vehicles that meet or exceed fuel efficiency through energy efficient upgrades.
• Vehicles that are equipped with dispatching and GPS equipment, three cameras for the safety of you and your passengers and a panic button you can use to immediately alert the Guest Service Dispatch Team if you are in trouble.
• Insurance covering the vehicle and your passengers up to $500,000.00.
• On-going training and support to help you make the best of your time on the road.

We want you to make a great living. We provide on-going safety and vehicle upgrades, a mobile app your passenger guests can use to order service just like Uber, Lyft and other similar companies. The Go Yellow difference is the level of team support you experience. No fees incurred by you for vehicle maintenance, registration or cleaning. We do all the marketing and we represent our driver partners’ interests when regulations are changing.

If you are a self-starter who likes people and the freedom to build a good business for yourself, we hope you’ll Go Yellow.

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