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Pre-Paid Taxi Cards

Yellow Cab of Columbus pre-paid Taxi Cards are a great option for elderly relatives, college students and people with health issues who may need the service of one of our Paratransit Taxi vehicles. And, if you’re a person who simply likes the convenience of a pre-paid card, this is a great solution for you!

Learn more about and order Senior Taxi Cards.

Buy pre-paying for an amount that can be used for taxi fare at any time with a swipe of the card, you can deliver peace of mind to loved ones that they will never be stranded without a way home or to safety.

1. Visit the Taxi Card website here >
2. Decide a prepaid dollar amount
3. Select a method of payment (Credit card, debit card)
4. Follow the directions to complete your order.
5. Reconfirm your information and send.

Please allow up to a week for the card to arrive via regular mail. The envelope will clearly show the Yellow Cab of Columbus logo in the return address.

You can always ‘add value’ to the card after it’s been used by simply logging into the Cab Card website portal. Use your credit card to add more money onto the card. You never have to physically go somewhere to put more money on a card you’ve purchased for someone else – just do it all online. It’s easy!

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